Sustainability & The Environment

We are a ZERO WASTE SITE – You take out what you bring in. Help us look after our site and the future of the festival. Be vigilant about rubbish. We provide waste stations clearly marked within the event site to dispose of the Bio and Compostable waste created from the bars and stalls. Collectively we can keep the festival litter free. All it takes is self awareness, pride and care for yourself, others and your surroundings.

Join us in this mission of change and awareness of single use consumables by not bringing and using single use plastics for the event. Bring your own clean reusable cups, cutlery and crockeries to use at the festival bars and food stalls instead of using their Bio/Compostable packaging and NEVER purchase plastic bottled water!! There is clean drinking water available across the site, but no bottled water for purchase - so make sure to bring a reusable bottle to keep yourself hydrated or purchase one of our reusable drink bottles at the festival bars.

In 2020 we introduced Car Passes, which will be continued at our future festivals. This is to reduce the amount of vehicles on site, driven to site and in general to lower the carbon emissions created by festival attendees. 100% of all funds raised from car passes are donated to an environmental initiative - tbc.

Please be considerate of others and only smoke in the areas provided. The whole of the festival site is family friendly. If you happen to smoke, keep your cigarette butts in your pocket, or bring a butt bin and or use the butt bins provided in our smoking areas (and just because you don’t use filters, does not mean we want the ground or dancefloors covered in used cigarette papers!!!). 

There is no excuse EVER for making the ground the rubbish point for your dirty habit! Additionally all event arenas / marketplaces / walkways / bars and communal areas are SMOKE FREE, with the exception of the dedicated smoking areas.