Our Ethos

Fractangular Gathering is held over two days and three nights on Tasmania’s South East Coast, near the small country town of Buckland.

Our ethos is to enrich Tasmania’s cultural content, increase awareness and importance of the arts & expression, health, wellbeing, environmental sustainability, family and community connectedness. While also being a locus for networking, collaboration, participation, experience and exposure.

It is time to move away from the destructive direction that seems too easy to fall into at music and arts festivals, and to start a conscious journey of care for the self and for the environment around us within and outside of festival culture. And a time to guide younger generations into a safer, smarter and cleaner approach to a festival experience. The 2020 gathering saw an evolution in our festival culture through a shared consciousness, connection and awareness of a like minded community and our environment. We intend to continue evolving our future events to suit the needs and requirements of the current and changing social, economic and environmental world climates.

The Fractangular Gathering experience is a celebration of music, arts, lifestyle, community connectedness, participation, education and awareness of the environment we live in. Featuring three music stages, a vibrant marketplace with arts, crafts, health, well-being, nutritious and organic food and drinks, roving performers, stunt artists and more. Fractangular also offers arts and lifestyle workshops and activities for all ages, a kids bush playground, two festival bars and onsite camping with facilities in an intimate bush setting.

The festival site has been meticulously shaped from what was once an overgrown paddock populated by sheep. A dedicated community and hard working crew has built and shaped the site into what now is our spectacular festival site. Over 9 years and very little budget the amazing Fractangular team (consisting of many local and interstate helpers) have built our stages, toilets, bars, carved our campgrounds & pathways, and created a festival site that is a continually evolving art piece in itself.

Fractangular is a small budget festival not a temporarily built event with everything being shipped in and out. We upcycle and reuse materials year after year for all our creations and builds and minimise single use products. If we can’t use it for multiple events or if it's something we need to specifically create or provide, before anything new is obtained all efforts are put into sourcing recycled or upcycled materials. We respect MOTHER EARTH and always take steps to minimize our impact on her whilst running the event - there is more info on this under ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY.

Fractangular exists thanks to the hard work and energy of a dedicated crew of workers and volunteers that endeavour to make and see the Fractangular vision come to life.