A vibrant hub of arts, crafts, fashion, caterers, performers and the beautiful sound of kids voices. The Marketplace is the lungs that breathe life into Fractangular.

Food stalls are hand picked to showcase local, sustainable and healthy snack or meal options for all dietary requirements to keep you nourished for the duration of the festival.

There are some amazing things on offer, and as we aim to grow our marketplace year after year we encourage attendees to get amongst the hustle and bustle and support all the stalls and their ventures - your support allows the market traders to exist, the more support the bigger and better the marketplace can become.

The Marketplace is a smoke free space. We have provided two designated smoking spaces beside each bar and music stage, please be sure to utilise these and keep the air clean for our children and non smokers throughout the event site.

Applications open soon, please keep in mind stall holders showcasing handmade, upcycled, recycled, sustainable & earth friendly options are given preference to align with the general Ethos of Fractangular.