Festival Guidelines

Fractangular is a NON BYO ALCOHOL event.
You can obtain thirst quenchingly delicious alcoholic beverages at our reasonably priced bars - support the festival and its future viablilty.
BYO alcohol will be confiscated.
Cars on entry will be checked, if any BYO is found it will be confiscated.

Also known as people hiding in cars. Vehicles will be checked at the gate, if found with a stowaway both driver and stowaway will be refused entry, with no refund on pre-purchased ticket.

Must be worn at all times. Your wristband hosts your RFID - this is your currency for the event, without it you will be unable to purchase any food, drinks or anything else within the marketplace. If found without a wristband you will be charged full price entry if you wish to stay at the event, unless valid proof of purchase with ID can be provided. If your wristband is damaged bring it to info and we'll replace it.

Fractangular has an ongoing reputation of being a fun, free spirited and nourishing festival. We provide a safe space for families and individuals to freely express themselves and enjoy being in the moment with life. It is within our duty of care to maintain a safe festival for all to enjoy comfortably. We ask you, as the participant, to also assist in up-keep of a safe festival environment for all. If you are feeling a safe space is not being maintined please do not hesitate to let our staff and crew know so we can address it straight away.

For physical and or sexual harassment.
It is not ok to ever touch someone in a sexual or intimate way without their consent.
If you see or hear of any inappropriate behaviour of this nature during the festival you can:
- Call it out, explain the behaviour is not welcome. Only do this if you feel safe.
- Report it to event crew so it can be dealt with personally by management.

Of any kind are allowed on site, there is no exception to this outside of guide dogs.

Gas cookers in vehicles are ok to use. Gas cookers outside your vehicle are NOT to be used - This is a strict requirement from Tas Fire and part of our fire plan, if found in breach of this you may be asked to leave the festival grounds.

No tolerance whatsoever, this is council rules, so don't end the festival for everyone.

Do not birng these items. 

Strictly NO BYO Alcohol.
There are 2 festival bars, pouring local and interstate beers & ciders as well as a variety of spirits, wines, cocktails and mocktails. We have ensured there is something here for all taste buds from plain to craft, bottom shelf to top shelf, and all fairly priced.
The bars will still be using BIO cups due to Covid-19 safety and health reccommendations. But still with the goal to become “BIO-Less” as soon as possible by moving towards re-usable options. We do encourage all attendees to bring their own “keep cup” or clean vessel when visiting the bars and help us to use as little of the bio products as possible during this transition. As long as its clean, we can fill it up! And please do not share cups as a safety measure against Covid-19.

After the devastating fires in 2013 in Southern Tasmania there are to be absolutely NO fires at this event. Anyone found lighting their own fire will be removed from the site and refused re entry to the festival. There may be a communal fire lit depending on daily fire restrictions issued by the Tasmanian Fire Service to Fractangular Gathering Management.

People found trespassing and or fence hopping will be removed from the festival grounds, no exceptions. We will be working closely with local authorities and security in regards to trespassing at the event. If found without a wristband and no proof of purchase, patrons will be removed from site instantaneously regardless of any personal belongings or equipment left on site. Trespassing is a low form of attendance, and shows little respect for adjacent land owners, the event, the artists and musicians and most of all for the other attendees. When considering becoming a thief, think again.