Festival Bars

There are two great festival bars, pouring local and interstate beers & ciders as well as a variety of spirits, wines, cocktails and mocktails. There is something for all taste buds from plain to craft, bottom to top shelf and it's all amicably priced. For 2020 the bars will still be using BIO packaging, with the goal to become “BIO-Less” by 2021 and moving towards re-usable options. We encourage all attendees to bring their own “keep cup” or clean vessel when visiting the bars and help us to use as little of the bio products as possible during this transition. As long as its clean, we can fill it up!

Fractangular is a large scale small event which means more revenue is required aside from ticket sales to ensure its viability. It is run on a business model which creates employment for local and interstate people, musicians, performers, arts workers, and builds revenue for local businesses, organisations and community. Supporting the bars supports the festival.