VJ Smucklepod

VJ Smucklepod emerged from the Tasmanian rural underground scene and connected with the Tassie electronic dance music scene in early 2012. Since then he has gone on to project and perform at various events including Tec Jam, Outerspace, Unwind, Falls Festival, Fractangular, FRESH, FauxMO, Day of the Dead rooftop party and many others. Focusing on visual beat syncing live by hand to mix a unique visual journey every time.

Smucklepod picked up the taste for video at the Brisbane 90's warehouse party scene and has bided his time working in 3d and gfx while the technology for live performance evolved to his needs. With a passion to perform he can mix to any music style. This VJ reads the crowd and combines local video, clips, effects and live feeds with a flurry of knob twiddling, slider sliding and frantic mixing to present a unique interactive journey for all.

Alongside live performance, Smucklepod creates interactive video art installations for festivals like Fractangular, Falls Festival, FauxMO etc. out of mostly recycled materials. From control podiums that allow the audience to mix their own video live with the VJ to interactive projection installations to play and dance with.