Sun Control Species

Few artists that hail from Australia can lay claim to being a formative element of the worldwide progressive psychedelic scene. But among those few, Drew from the SCS project can. Formed at the turn of the millennium Drew’s music exploded onto the stages of festivals worldwide, dug out from the secret stash-bags of the original and biggest names in the psy-scene globally and shifting audiences onto a new and intensely focused sound. The mystery man from down-under had struck.

SCS built a career spanning well over a decade that consisted of endless touring and busy release schedules with almost every label in the book. Even so, it wasn’t until 2007 that SCS found its future home making the time right to release the first full length SCS album ‘Scienza Nuova’ on Denmark’s legendary Iboga Records. Drew created a fruitful friendship with DJ Emok and Michael Banel from Iboga, going on to release the now classic, seminal sophomore album ‘ii’ several years later. Even though the SCS offical release discography is massive, there was always an emphasis on quality over quantity - meaning that you could be sure to hear many variations of well known tunes and secret experiments only in his live sets.

Since the 2012 Eclipse Festival in Far North Queensland, Drew has had the SCS project in a holding pattern, while building new frontiers of achievement in his musical world. But the scene has not forgotten, and demand is still extraordinarily high for new music and shows. Appearances have been strictly limited, having played shows only a handful of times at events like Radio Bang Bang in Switzerland and elsewhere around the globe – but not Australia… Until now.