Ninox & Klaxon

Ninox Boobook the faun.

Ignorance is bliss. Boobook was once a purveyor of great wisdom, he knew the story of every star. Now he chases butterflies as he wonders the earth. Having walked this world so long, he has lost many loved ones and seen the loss of many loved things. He chose to forget, and with his memories so went his wits. These days he lives in the moment, unable to dwell on the tragedies of the past, but perhaps there is some wisdom in that.

Klaxon the two-faced automaton. 

Klaxon was a time piece that was altered by a clock maker to take a human form. Having out lived its creator, the automaton is trapped in an endless task of searching for parts to keep its internal mechanism ticking over. Driven by clockwork, but also the fear of what would happen were the key to wind down to a stop and no one were there to wind it back up.