Nezbit grew up in the mountains of south eastern New South Wales, Australia. By 2000 she was hooked on electronic music leading her to migrate to Sydney. Nezbit began DJing and organising events, co-founding Ixchel, a female promotions crew promoting female artists and DJs. Later co-founding Shapeshifters, the creators of Rhythmic Earth events. 

Now living in Newcastle NSW, Nezbit features transition sets, transforming denominations of psy-trance to create a journey guided and influenced by the time and placement of her set. Nezbit links key musical themes, maintaining a danceable aural thread to traverse any set transition of psy-trance based arrangements. Expect deep synthesised bass lines with funky, spacial percussion which is straight up composed for the dance floor. Intelligent, layering of recorded and imitated acoustic sounds sneaking through the electronic sound base, activating the dance floor to get a just little more lateral for way more fun.