Max Power

Max - King Of The Wild Things

Calum 'Max' Power began DJing house parties & progressive house club nights in Edinburgh, Scotland back in 2006. Whilst exploring his new love of electronic dance music he continued to nurture a strong connection to hip-hop culture, break-based music & electronic producing. Now back in his hometown of Hobart, Tasmania, Max continued to further hone both his live mixing skills and expand his repertoire of music styles as well as an every-expanding collection of customised bootlegs.

Whilst being known for being able to adapt to many different musical tastes, his current penchant is for the dirtier, darker and psychedelic side of dubstep, glitch-hop and broken-beat. A musical journey with Max will take you on an other-worldly, rhythmically differential experience into the wilder side of the genres that you thought you knew.

Come with Max to where the wild things are.. and please don't go, we love you so!