Legohead aka Alistair Craig began his audio adventures playing guitar in various bands before slipping down the electronic music wormhole. Alistair possesses a fascination for twisted hi tech sounds, wackiness and complexity influenced through a lifelong love for bands and artists that push the boundaries. Alistair is also a member of the GLO project with GMS and Ozzy.

Legohead sources only the finest of textures from the finest of places. Armed with a bounty of hardware sound generators from the land of Access, Nord, Doepfer Modular and Novation, each track serves a showcase of top shelf audio nuggets allowing Legohead to rip a portal into a parallel universe of quirky and unpredictable sonic geometry layered on a groundwork of powerful funk and psychedelic grooves. 

December 2015 saw the release of the Legohead EP “Banana Machine” on Zero1 Music and gives you a taste of what’s to come from his exciting new collaboration project GLO.

Crafted from hours of studio time with an abundance of past releases and collaborations, the Legohead sound is something you should definitely consider bending your audio skin flaps around.