Bad Beef

Many aeons ago, the Gods were celebrating their love for Mexican food with their annual chilli cook off. After a weird night of drinking god beer and eating out one another's chilli pots, one of the more youthful Gods, Jamal, awoke with a God awful belly ache. Knowing that the powerful mix of AGB and chilli beef 'n' beans would mean apocalypse for all in existence, he travelled far through the jungle of Kréas to share palaver with the oracle bird named Ray who also worked at Myers. Their long discussion was brought to an abrupt halt when Jamal fell to the ground writhing in the throes of perdition. The demon he had held inside him all day was trying to escape the clutches of his gut. Ray, moving with oracle like speed, scooped up Jamal and flew him into the realm of infinite nothingness. The young God sat his ass down and relieved himself. Thus the universe was born from bad beef.

Bringing the beef since the summer of 2014, Bad Beef are a 9 piece, progressive ska and reggae band from beautiful Launceston. Bad Beef's fierce mutation of beefy grooves, saporous angles and piquant, passionate presence makes for a meaty menagerie of madness. If you're an intense person then come get down with the git down.