ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS. It will be confiscated whatever form it is found in besides your windscreen and prescription glasses.

NO BYO. This is a strictly no byo event. There are two bars on site. Support them and you are supporting the future of Fractangular Gathering.

STOWAWAYS – also known as people hiding in cars. Vehicles will be checked at the gate, if found with a stowaway both driver and stowaway will be refused entry, no refund on pre-purchased ticket.

WRISTBANDS must be worn at all times. Bring your damaged one to info and we will replace it. If found without a wristband you will be charged full price entry.

NO PETS strict condition from property owner.

TOTAL FIRE BAN gas cookers in vehicles are ok to use. No gas cookers outside your vehicle are to be used.

Bring loads of love, laughter, joy and your dancing shoes.

Did we say NO GLASS?…remember the NO GLASS policy at all times please.

NO FIREWORKS. (no tolerance whatsoever, this is council rules, so don't end the festival for everyone)

No generators or sound systems


There are 18+ and Underage coloured wristbands, ID will be checked so don't forget to bring it please. Wristbands will be placed on by our door staff, it takes a knife, a pair of scissors or a LOT of force to remove a wristband... they don't just fall off. Make sure they are worn throughout the event, if for some reason you find yourself forcefully removing your wristband, make sure you get a replacement straight away from the info point, you will need the one that has "broken off" to obtain a new one, or you may be charged entry fee again.


There is a funky bar onsite offering a selection of organic and local beer & cider as well as cocktails and non alcoholic drinks. You can enjoy these beverages in the beer garden on the dancefloor, in the lounge, or even strolling the market. This is a strictly no byo event, there will be roaming security onsite who reserve the right to decant your alcoholic beverage and or refuse you entry if you have no wristband. We apologize that this has to happen. Again please support this event, leave your alcohol at home, the bar is very reasonably priced.


After the devastating fires in 2013 in Southern Tasmania there are to be absolutely NO fires at this event. Anyone found lighting their own fire will be removed from the site and refused re entry to the festival. There may be a communal fire lit depending on daily fire restrictions issued by the Tasmanian Fire Service to Fractangular Gathering Management.


People found trespassing and or fence hopping will be removed from the festival site, no exceptions. We will be working more closely with security and local authorities to reduce the number of trespassers to the festival and out of respect for the patrons who have done the right thing. Any unattended vehicles found outside of the festival grounds are deemed trespassing and will be towed at the owner’s expense.