Cashless Fractangular

Fractangular 2020 is going cashless! We are going to be operating a 100% digital currency across all food vendors, stalls and bars, this will ensure a higher speed of service, increased security for attendees and ease of transactions for both attendees and vendors.

When you arrive at the festival, your ticket will be swapped for an RFID wristband. The wristband will act as your “digital wallet” within the event site. Either after receiving your wristband onsite, or from the 13/01/2020 online you will be able to load currency onto your wristband, using either cash (onsite only), debit or credit cards. Its as easy as topping up, and then waiving your wrist about to make purchases, no wallets, no cash, no worries!!! And don’t be afraid to overload yourself, as it costs nothing to cash in any leftover funds, so load up for the weekend.

*Top up prior to the event to save hassle!
*Topping up a minimum of $150, you can get it all back, but that allows you $50 per day to purchase at the event at the bars, food stalls and other vendors
*Get vendors to inform you each purchase how much credit is left on your wristband so you can budget

Hold onto your wristband post the event, and head over to the token website within 30 days to redeem your leftover credit, note that there is no transaction fee, but you require a minimum of $3 left to refund. Refunds will be processed within 14 days

*Initial top ups will incur a once off $3 activation fee, deducted from your initial top up only
*Bank card top ups will each incur a 1.2% transaction fee (its best to top up more, less times as its free to redeem leftover funds post the event)
*Cash top ups incur no fees (except the initial activation)