Camping is available onsite from 12 Midday Friday to Monday with all camps packing up and heading out by 12 Midday. The early bird gets the worm! Get in early to get a good campsite for the weekend. We provide a family friendly camping area and a party friendly camp, so choose appropriately please or you may be asked to relocate. Please do not leave rubbish behind in campgrounds (including whole tents, couches and cars – there is no picking it up later it will be donated to an op shop), take out what you brought in and use provided rubbish bins.


There are three designated campgrounds, The Loud Camp is nearest to the Canopy Stage where electronic music is played for extensive periods of time and is limited in space. The General Camp is across the marsh and from the Loud Camp and is much larger you cans till hear the Canopy stage and it uses a footbridge to access the festival site. Family Camp is beyond the general camp and  follows the creek upstream and also uses the footbridge to access the festival site. All campgrounds have toilet and hand wash facilities. There are parking staff on Friday arrival in both campgrounds to assist you and your choice of campsite. If you arrive after Firday use the map on the festival program to help navigate to your most suited camgrounds - keeping in mind The Loud Camp is first to fill up on Friday.


Campervans and Camper trailers are allowed in the campgrounds however please be mindful to reserve soft grassy areas for tents, park your motorhome over rough/undulating surfaces to help us maximise our camping grounds. There is a car park for those needing only to park their car for the day.


Please make contact with us via our contact form. We recognise Companion Cards for any disabled person requiring a carer.


You are coming camping with us! Here are some tips on what to bring to help you have a comfortable and enjoyable Fractangular experience.

  • Drinking water and a refillable container or bottles, cups, plates, bowls & utensils (CLEAN) to use at food stalls and the bar.
  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses. A simple first aid kit.
  • Warm clothes for the night, rain jacket/umbrella for potential wet weather, appropriate shoes and clothes for all weather conditions - it is Tassie after all.
  • Camping gear, tent & pegs, sleeping bag, tarps and poles for shade. TORCH (blackmoon this year!)
  • Spending money for the market, bar, food and drink. Please support the event in this area.
  • Butt bin that fits in your pocket (they will also be provided at the gate and bar) and bags for your campsite rubbish.
  • Hammock to hang out in Hammockville amongst the trees beside the Canopy stage.
  • Friends, family, good times, good vibes and great smiles.