You blew our hearts away.
So much happiness, joy, laughter and love in the air. 2017 was yet another epic venture and vision. It has taken us some time to get our feet back on the ground and to be honest they still feel afloat!

How is everyone doing out there post Fractangular?
How good was that!! Minus a few extra (9 if we counted right) bracken ferns being left in the arena's...2017 was the best edition yet, even with a dent in numbers.

The feeling and vibe in the air was contagious, and the level of respect towards all aspects of the event and each other has raised the bar yet again. Behind the scenes of the 2017 gathering is an amazingly dedicated crew of individuals whom invest so much heart, energy and time into creating this extraordinary experience. These folk are the skilled and creative beings that come together in collaboration to share, chat, problem solve, fix, break, build, mend, challenge, applaud, and co-exist while living and eating together for around 2 weeks amidst the Tasmanian bush. These people are the creators, the shapers and the family of Fractangular Gathering. Our gratitude for this family is endless, we are honoured to work alongside you all. Thankyou for your sheer stamina, hard yards and going above and beyond expectations, it would not be the Fractangular we know without you. Gracias.

We, Al & Sean, would also like to extend a huge thanks to our volunteers - truly dedicated Fractangulans helping maintain festival operations. The Market Stall Holders who come and create special spaces to visit and immerse in and offering memoirs, tasty treats and more. The Artists for their awesome art, music, productions and creations which make up the Fractangular sensory experience. Thank you Ross, Cathy, Monty & Lily for letting us use this special piece of your land. Thank you to our Sponsors for assisting us in many ways - Coates Hire, Warp Magazine, Ruffcut Records, Brockley Estate, Ricoh Printing, Mountain Goat and The Homestead.

Thank you to our families, most notably our mothers, for all the emotional, mental and physical support throughout the year. Thank you for taking care of our two little beings, Darwin and Hazelnut, in this very busy time for us. Seriously Fractangular wouldn't be a thing if we didn't have you guys nearby. We owe you the world and cannot thank you enough. Thankyou.

Last but not least - PUNTERS (aka Attendees). You are awesome..and even so, more awesome than 2016! You came in your delightful characters and gave life, vibe, feeling and community to Fractangular 2017. Thank you for your support, compassion and presence in what felt like the friendliest and famliest Fractangular yet.

Such beautiful beings, thank you for being!

The Future...who knows what the future will bring but when we know we will let you know! Adios till next time Amigos

We are one family - Fractangular Gathering You

Sponsors and Supporters

Fractangular Gathering would like to acknowledge the following organisations for their generosity and support in assisting with the 2017 festival. Thankyou.